Dr. Anjali Agrawal

Dr. Anjali Agrawal, founder of Back In Balance, is a non-popping, non-cracking chiropractor and integrative functional nutrition specialist. With nearly 20 years of owning a successful practice and 15 years working in collaboration with corporate workplaces, she empowers people from all over the world to get Back in Balance. She is fueled by helping people get pain-free by teaching a holistic approach to moving well, eating well, and living well.

“My biggest passion is to help others move well, eat well, and live well.”

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Palo Alto


Fertility, Prenatal, & Motherhood

  • 3 Quick Stretches For New Mamas

  • Navigating the Five Trimesters with Chiropractic Care and Nutrition

  • Common Doesn’t Equal Normal: Breaking the Myths of Conception and the Pre and Post-Natal Journey

Workplace Wellness

  • Three Tips To Make Your Workstation More Ergonomic

  • Forget Micro-dosing, What You Need Are Microbreaks

  • Ergonomics On The Go: How to Integrate Health Into Your Busy Work Schedule

Nutrition & Digestion

  • Why We Crave AND Avoid What We Can’t Digest & How to Remedy This

  • A Chiropractor's 3 Tips to Support Digestion

  • Nervous System Regulation, Chiropractic Care, and Nutrition: Five Things You Need to Know




Attendee Experiences

While running a 3-day live event with hundreds of people, Dr. Anjali was instrumental in coming on stage multiple times per day to get everyone moving and stretching. Keeping everyone healthy and engaged through her movement was invaluable.

Melissa Henault

Founder & CEO of Burnout to All Out

Dr. Anjali's Lunch & Learn series provided very helpful information in the connection between how we move (or don't move), what we eat, our thoughts, and how that impacts our health in different ways.

Pam Cary

Executive Director

When I attended a multiple day event and Dr. Anjali was a speaker, she helped teach practical tools to use right away, which helped me get through the whole seminar pain-free!

I normally struggle after sitting for such long stretches of time. I hope that Dr. Anjali speaks at more events!

Darla Bonk

CEO of Darla Bonk Consulting

949 Sherwood Ave. #100 Los Altos, CA


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