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Adult Wellness Care

Optimal health, peak athletic performance, graceful aging, swift recovery, and more rely on Wellness Care. Dr. Anjali's non-cracking/non-popping approach has kept patients returning for years, delivering effective results.

Prenatal Care

Including visits with Dr. Anjali as part your Prenatal Care plan is a great way to be pro-active with your wellness. Pain relief, pelvic alignment, nervous system function, posture improvement, stress reduction are some of the ways Chiropractic can help during such an important time of your life and your health!

Postnatal Care

The physical stresses of pregnancy and labor can impact spinal alignment. Chiropractic adjustments can help realign the spine and pelvis, aiding in recovery now that you and baby are home. Pre and post natal care is Dr. Anjali’s specialty and her caring shows!

Kiddoes and Youth Care

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