At Back in Balance Health, we understand the importance of prioritizing the well-being of your workforce. Our comprehensive suite of corporate wellness services is designed to empower leadership teams and HR professionals to foster a culture of health and vitality within their organizations.

Corporate Wellness Trainings + Team Building Facilitation

Our interactive workshops and activities promote teamwork, communication, and a healthy work-life balance, fostering a positive and cohesive work environment.

Boost your employee's morale and productivity with our corporate wellness initiatives and comprehensive, evidence-based, team building services.

Keynote Speaker - Corporate Wellness & Stretch Facilitation

Invite Dr. Anjali into inspire and educate your event attendees on a variety of wellness topics. From Stress Management to mitigating chronic symptoms, our engaging presentations will leave your employees motivated and equipped with quick, practical strategies for improving their health, your wealth, and everyone's happiness.

Often overlooked by many conference facilitators, attendees are left in pain after sitting for long stretches of time. Dr. Anjali is known for her signature “stretch breaks” for conferences and full day trainings to keep attendees engaged and energized throughout long teaching periods.

Customized Coaching for Executive Benefits/ HR Leadership

Elevate your Benefits/HR Management and Executive Leadership teams with our personalized coaching sessions.

Dr. Anjali will provide strategic insights and guidance to support your Executive Leadership Team in the creation and/or elevation of the Corporate Wellness Strategy/Programs.



Get ready to revolutionize your workplace wellness initiatives with our upcoming Move Well, Eat Well, Live Well course. Designed to promote holistic well-being, this course will empower your employees to make positive lifestyle changes that lead to increased productivity, engagement, and overall happiness.

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While running a 3 day live event with hundreds of people, Dr. Anjali was instrumental in coming on stage multiple times per day to get everyone moving and stretching. Keeping everyone healthy and engaged through her movement was invaluable.


Dr. Anjali's Lunch & Learn series provided very helpful information in the connection between how we move (or don't move), what we eat, our thoughts, and how that impacts our health in different ways.


When I attended a multiple day event and Dr. Anjali was a speaker, she helped teach practical tools to use right away which helped me get through the whole seminar pain-free!

I normally struggle after sitting for such long stretches of time. I hope that Dr. Anjali speaks at more events!


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